Foundation Day Addresses 1979 – 2015

The Foundation Stone

Adelaide Hospital Foundation Stone

The Adelaide Hospital Foundation Stone was laid in 1840 with the hospital opening in 1841. Each year Royal Adelaide Hospital recognises its foundation with a ceremony held in the Chapel of the Residential Building during Royal Adelaide Hospital Week.

The main feature of the event is an oration. In choosing a person’s name for the oration, the late Dr Bernard Nicholson AM said that “such a person should be one with very many years of active association with (Royal) Adelaide Hospital.

The oration was named after SA medical pioneer surgeon Dr William Wyatt (1804-1886) and titled “The William Wyatt Oration.”

Dr William Wyatt

Dr William Wyatt

The oration is aimed to remember the contribution that Dr William Wyatt gave to the Adelaide Hospital and the South Australian community in the mid-to-late 19th Century, and as such, the oration most often reflects on a particular area of medical specialist care.

Similarly, the selection each year of a William Wyatt Orator, is for a person who has had many years active association with the Royal Adelaide Hospital. From the first Foundation Day Address given in 1979, each successive speaker has touched upon an aspect of the hospital’s search for excellence, be it historical, present, or advancing towards the future.

The topic of a William Wyatt Oration is designed to reflect some part of the history and heritage of Royal Adelaide Hospital or its predecessor, the Adelaide Hospital, but may also include SA Pathology (Institute of Medical Veterinary Science IMVS) or any other past or present associated body, organisation or institution, for example the Eden Park Nurses Home, the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre; the Joanna Briggs Institute; the University of Adelaide Medical School.

A biography of Dr William Wyatt and a selection of the oration speakers’ biographies can be accessed through Biographies.

Foundation Day Addresses:

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